My first chess tournament

I was choosen as a school’s representative to play in chess tournament. It was held from 9 March until 10 March 2018.

I went to Sek Keb Bukit Jelutong in Shah Alam. The hall was huge and cold in there. During the tournament, the hall become silent until I can hear people pushing the clock button and move the chess’s pieces.

Me with Mu’allim Zaki, Mu’allim Amal and my friends before the tournament begin

Aunty Dillon (Raid’s mother. Raid is my classmate) told us that our motto is ” JUST HAVE FUN”. It is because, hard for us to win but possible if we have a proper training.

I was competing my schoolmate Zahraa during our fourth game. Our parents told us to try  having a stalemate  so that we can have our first points. And yes! we did it! HAHAHAH..Each of us scored 1/2 marks.

P3100040.JPGAt first round, I have to beat a chinese boy and also I was seated on the VIP seat. It means, the chess set was so beautiful and the clock looks cool and the boy himself  looks so serious.  I lost by just three / four moves and then, he checkmate me. I feel so frustated and sad.  There was tears in my eyes.

The V.I.P seat

I  searched my mom and told her so. She said that’s fine and don’t be sad. Just play and gain an experience as much as you can. Aunty Dillon keep motivates me by saying “Just play for fun”. I finally, pull myself together and feel a bit relief.20180309_174731At the final game, I supposed to win but I think some contestants  in there was not being honest to the abiter. Anyway, I said this because I checkmate her and that was the first warning. And the second time I checkmate her, she moves other knight. Means, she could not protect her King.

I was so totally excited to raise up my hand. But when the abiter come to us and said main ajerlah” and at the end, she won the game. I felt that was totaly unfair.

P3100044.JPGHowever, I still shake her hand and said ” That was a good game”. My mother told me early to still having a good manner and control your emotions at anytime. During at your ease or difficult time.

She told me that ALLAH S.W.T will rewards us for a good deeds that we do. No matter how small it is.

I feel so happy and proud of myself eventhough did not win any game. It was a great experience for everybody including my mother, other parents and teachers.

InshaALLAH, I will play chess more with my friends and siblings after this. Please make du’a for me! Tomorrow, I will get my certificate during the school morning assembly. Can’t wait for that.

Thank you for reading this.


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